Building walls for the White Marsh gym

Here at ClimbZone we are gearing up to open our first franchised indoor climbing gym in White Marsh.  We have a few gyms in New Zealand where the company was founded and one in Laurel, MD that has been in operation for three years and doing very well.  Currently we are furiously painting the climbing pieces and printing the backgrounds for the 87 walls that will be showcased at White Marsh set for a soft opening in October and a grand opening in November.


The Home Stretch...

We spent four hours on Saturday hauling the walls out from backstage, priming them and adding texture and then bringing them back in before the congregation for the Saturday night service arrived.  I was hoping to set them up and see how they look assembled but the wind in the parking lot had a different agenda.  We will have to wait.

Again my faithful volunteers Jacob and Zoe were a tremendous help!

Texture & Paint

Here's the first experimentation with the applied spray popcorn texture and brown & tan spray paint overtop.  I think the tan colors are the way to go maybe adding some dry grasses or other indigenous looking plants in the deep crevasses of the "rock".

Let the Priming Begin!

Construction process for the Easter 2017 stage set at Grace Fellowship Church.  Once the paper mache is applied, we can then prime each piece to create a barrier between the paper and the paint.  After seeing the primed pieces we decided to add another step to the process by spraying a popcorn texture over the surface to hide the paper seams.

Jacob, Owen & Zoe.  Volunteers extraordinaire!

Jacob, Owen & Zoe.  Volunteers extraordinaire!

Grace Fellowship Church Easter 2017 Stage Set Construction

We have begun construction.  Cary & Tom are building the 10 frames for Shawn Slater's vision of the tomb where Jesus rose from the dead while myself and a few student volunteers install the chicken wire over the frames, form them into a rock face shape, paper mache, prime and paint them.

This is all happening in a small space backstage at Grace in the evenings for two hours at a time.

Zoe Cumpf, Jacob Seese and Owen Goffigon

Zoe Cumpf, Jacob Seese and Owen Goffigon