ClimbZone Indoor Climbing Gym

White Marsh, MD


Since November 2015 I have been employed full time as Lead Designer at ClimbZone Productions.  In this role I have personally designed over 200 themed climbing walls ranging from 5' x 28' to 20' x 28', designed and printed the backgrounds for them on 1' Russian birch plywood using the Oce Arizona 1260 XT large format, flatbed printer, and hand painted quite a few of the wood climbing holds.

ClimbZone is a new, family entertainment based, indoor climbing gym first developed in New Zealand by owner Nico Buik with his Director of Operations Tiemi Kenrick, and is now available in the states.  Our flagship location is in Laurel, MD while our first franchised location is in White Marsh, MD.  Other locations opening this soon include New Jersey, Northern Virginia, and Chicago.  Over the next 5 years we plan to spread throughout the United States with quite a bit of interest including gym locations inside the Mall of America in Minneapolis and their soon to be built new locations in Miami and New Jersey!