Public Sculpture (In Progress)

Parkview Manor Apt.’s

Hyattsville, MD


After competing for this assignment, sponsored by the Hyattsville Community Development Corp. and the Montgomery County Housing Dept., I was awarded the commission to design, fabricate and install three public sculptures for the garden courtyards at the Parkview Manor Apt.’s. We are currently in the fabrication phase of this project but I have uploaded what I have so far. This project represents the first large scale public sculpture commission I have ever received and is such an incredible learning experience, thanks to the Director of the Hyattsville CDC Stuart Eisenberg, who is willing to share his extensive knowledge about the public art making process. I am migrating from 2D public murals to 3D public sculpture and it’s been really exciting thus far!

The first sculpture is art for art sake, called “The Feather”, seen below. The second piece is a functional climbing structure meant for elementary aged kids entitled “The Turtle”. And the final work is a resting area similar to a bus stop named “The Shell”, where parents can sit and watch their children play. All these will be colored to compliment each other in matching style and are designed to create an amenable space for the residents of Parkview Manor.

The Feather

Art Piece

The Turtle

Climbable Sculpture

1/4th scale model (bare wood) cut from 1/4” plywood on the Laser Cutter

Full size panels printed with a protective coat of Waterbourne Epoxy Corotec prior to the epoxy resin coating of Tarbender.

The Shell

Resting Piece