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LOTS Alive Initiative



The Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts hosted a city-wide public art initiative called LOTS Alive where they employ artists to create sculptures for the vacant lots in the city. It’s a nationwide Call to Artists and my concepts were chosen for the 4620-4622 Park Heights Ave. lot. Park Heights is the first area where this experiment is taking place.

Adopting the style of production I’ve been accustomed to by working at ClimbZone making climbing walls, I’ve created this free standing sign of sorts by direct printing the design on 3/4” Baltic birch plywood, relaying a positive message by the late Mario Fernandez. While installing the piece I had plenty of bystanders compliment the message and some neighbors come out and help me dig the 5 foot post hole and prop up the sign including a gentleman named Ed.

The work is meant to bring a sense of unity and community, so it has already been successful in my eyes.

The artwork will to stay up for one year and be de-installed this time next year. BOPA hopes that these works will be “place makers” for people to congregate around or at least strike up a conversation about, maybe take selfies in front of, etc.



Below are Proposals either in consideration or unused concepts. After spending so much time and effort on them I thought these ideas deserved a showing.