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Murals add value, significance and a sense of personal expression to your home like no other art form, and have since the earliest humans decorated their cave dwelling with nothing but their hands and a bit of powdered pigment. BB Murals will work closely with you, the client, to create an unforgettable concept tailored to the decor and style of your home.



Make a statement that people will remember by turning your establishment into a landmark that will draw business in for years to come! Custom artwork is proven to add to the customer experience. Let BB Murals help you create the ambiance you desire for your customers.



Whether it’s a nature center, library, sidewalk or public park, place-making is an essential part of creating a thriving community, and public art is the best way to start that process. Use the resources and extensive experience BB Murals has to offer to design, fabricate and install a winning masterpiece that your community will enjoy for decades.

Selected Recent Works

Winner of the 2019

Greeley, CO New Transit Center

Public Art Commission!

You heard it here first! I have just been awarded a commission to design, fabricate and install a 10’ x 40’, 3D sculpture for the City of Greeley, CO, after applying to a national Request For Proposals. Stay tuned for “in progress” pics!

Below is the initial design concept for the 3D mural to be installed on the façade of the building.


Winner of the 2019

Kent County Arts Council

Rock Hall Mural Project, Java Rock Coffee wall mural,

Rock Hall, MD

So fresh I don’t even know what design proposal they chose! Set for this summer, I will be spending some time in the beautiful Eastern Shore painting a 41 foot mural on the back of the Java Rock Coffee House with the help of some local talent. Stay Tuned for more!

Public Sculpture (In Progress)

Parkview Manor Apt.’s

Hyattsville, MD


After competing for this assignment, sponsored by the Hyattsville Community Development Corp. and the Montgomery County Housing Dept., I was awarded the commission to design, fabricate and install three public sculptures for the garden courtyards at the Parkview Manor Apt.’s. We are currently in the fabrication phase of this project but I have uploaded what I have so far. This project represents the first large scale public sculpture commission I have ever received and is such an incredible learning experience, thanks to the Director of the Hyattsville CDC Stuart Eisenberg, who is willing to share his extensive knowledge about the public art making process. I am migrating from 2D public murals to 3D public sculpture and it’s been really exciting thus far!

The first sculpture is art for art sake, called “The Feather”, seen below. The second piece is a functional climbing structure meant for elementary aged kids entitled “The Turtle”. And the final work is a resting area similar to a bus stop named “The Shell”, where parents can sit and watch their children play. All these will be colored to compliment each other in matching style and are designed to create an amenable space for the residents of Parkview Manor.

The Feather

Art Piece

The Turtle

Climbable Sculpture

1/4th scale model (bare wood) cut from 1/4” plywood on the Laser Cutter

Full size panels printed with a protective coat of Waterbourne Epoxy Corotec prior to the epoxy resin coating of Tarbender.

The Shell

Resting Piece

Beale Street Theater Mural

Kingman, AZ


Midway through 2018 I started applying to national public art RFP’s & RFQ’s, (Request For Proposals and Request For Qualifications). After a few months of searching, designing, and preparing such applications, and many rejections I might add, I received my very first competitive commission from the Kingman Main Street group in Kingman, AZ!

I spent ten incredible days there, not only painting, but seeing some of the most outstanding sites Arizona has to offer!

Kingman is known as the Heart of Route 66 because it holds the longest stretch of that historic highway. Since the 70’s, Kingman has been in a slow decline as Route 66 was less and less traveled, until the historic downtown area was all but a ghost town, relying on tourism for the most part for survival. Now, over the past 5 or 6 years, businesses have started opening up there again including two prominent breweries on the main drag, and there has been a major initiative to revitalize Beale Street in particular with new restaurants, shops, parks and public art.

While I was there I saw and met tourists from Japan, China, Korea, France, Germany and the Czech Republic. It’s incredible how people from around the world have an interest for and romanticize about the spirit of Route 66.


The Kingman Main Street group, founded a little more than a year ago, sought to create an Art Alley public art gallery running parallel to Beale Street and so posted a national Call to Artists to design and paint the first of many murals in that area. I’ve been told artists from as far away as Germany, Australia and Japan competed for this prize, over 50 applicants apparently, and they chose me and one of the many concepts I presented.

This project is so dear to my heart and I will tell you why. One reason is that it was my first successful, out of state, public art proposal, but more than that, on Sept. 11th my father passed away after a year long and painful bout with cancer. In fact I was not sure if I would be able to paint this mural because things were not looking good. As it turns out we were able to keep our schedule and I had a chance to process the loss by stepping away and having some time to think after his first memorial service in Sarasota, FL, the second service was held in our hometown of Ellicott City, MD. It was a therapeutic week.

My contact person for the project, Paul Gaines, and all the town actually, were so welcoming and supportive, I cannot tell you how good it felt to be cared for after pouring so much of myself out for my family over the prior months. Gifts, gift cards, free meals and friendships that will last beyond the scope of the project were all benefits of this experience. Once the mural was complete I spent time hiking on the local Monolith trail, the spectacular Hualapei Mountains, including Aspen Peak, elevation 7950 ft. I saw the Grand Canyon West, the Hoover Dam, was a guest on a podcast, (Cartoon Casual), even took a small 4 seater plane ride over the town and witnessed my mural from the air, compliments of Paul Gaines! It was a 100% life giving trip, one that I will always remember. Everything ran so smoothly I think the Kingman Mainstreet group was appreciative. They even held an unveiling of the mural, complete with a DJ, beer and food trucks. I can’t say enough about that experience! Thank you Kingman!!!

Public art commission from the C.A.S.I.D. community development non-profit


After applying to a national call to artists request for proposal to decorate the number of traffic utility boxes that scatter Central Avenue in Jersey City, I was selected to install two such boxes. The materials used are a combination of vinyl wrap and exterior acrylic paint, then coated with a polyurethane finish.

Thanks to Director David Diaz, who showed us around Jersey City, enlightening us about it’s rich history and even treating us to an authentic Cuban meal! My son and I loved it!


Mantra Fit stand up paddle board container gets a signature new look!


Carleen Birnes, owner of Mantra Fit, which offers stand up paddle board lessons, races, yoga and classes at a new fitness center at the Nabbs Creek Marina in Severna Park, MD, commissioned a mural on their shipping container used to store paddle boards while not in use. Inspiration was drawn from Hawaiian artist Colleen Wilcox to create a stylishly tropical scene bursting with vibrancy and serenity all at the same time.


Another fun, and quick, time lapse of me painting two discarded SUP boards to become signage for Mantra Fit in exchange for free SUP lessons for the whole family! Thanks to Carleen Birnes, owner of Mantra Fit for agreeing to the exchange. Can't wait to get SUPing!

Having fun at work direct printing on office doors


No flat surface is off limits when you have a 8 x 10 foot flatbed printer at your disposal! We decided to have a little fun printing custom doors throughout our production facility at ClimbZone. I walk through the Tardis everyday to my office as if I was Dr. Who himself!


Commissioned climbing wall for the Philadelphia Phillies


Through my work as Lead Designer for ClimbZone Production I am fortunate to have the experience of collaborating with some top outfits. In 2018, our fledgling company received an unbelievable opportunity to work with the MLB to develop a 20’ x 28’ climbing wall to add to the recently renovated “Fun Zone” on the exterior of the Citi Bank Stadium, home of their mascot, the Philllie Phanatic, which is pictured climbing all over City Hall. Other attractions include a whiffle ball field, ice cream shoppe and hot dog cannon.



Three stage transitional sculpture greets the congregation of local church


This year marks the start of something new for Grace. Creative Director Shawn Slater, set builder Cary Lyon and I have gathered a core group of talented and willing volunteers from the high school student ministry to assist in the set construction for our main auditorium stage sets and artwork beyond the walls of the sanctuary. This is an example of one such project for the days leading up to Easter this year.

The cross first appeared in the mini-auditorium for the Maundy Thursday reflective service with a purple cloth draped over it. Then for good Friday it was moved to the more prominent main hub and a 7 foot crown of thorns was added. The crown was constructed using pool noodles, foam insulation and paint. By Easter morning, we dropped the crown and added the fresh green lily vines and white lilies in a symbolic gesture of life from death. Families used it as a back drop for photos and was widely praised.