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Since November of 2015, in addition to BB Murals, I’ve been working full time as Lead Designer for ClimbZone Production, A new Zealand based company founded and owned by Nico Buik, that produces themed climbing walls for franchised gyms. Besides our gyms in NZ, we have our flagship location in Laurel, MD, (opened in Nov. 2014) and one in Whitemarsh, MD. (opened in Nov. 2017), a brand new facility in Howell, NJ, and an exterior 20’ x 28’ climbing wall at the Philadelphia Phillies Citi Bank Stadium.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from ClimbZone!


Commissioned climbing wall for the Philadelphia Phillies


Through my work as Lead Designer for ClimbZone Production I am fortunate to have the experience of collaborating with some top outfits. In 2018, our fledgling company received an unbelievable opportunity to work with the MLB to develop a 20’ x 28’ climbing wall to add to the recently renovated “Fun Zone” on the exterior of the Citi Bank Stadium, home of their mascot, the Philllie Phanatic, which is pictured climbing all over City Hall. Other attractions include a whiffle ball field, ice cream shoppe and hot dog cannon.