Arrow Orphanage

Baltimore, MD


Let me explain how I became involved with this project because it's a doozy.  While attending the S.H.A.P.E. workshop at Grace Fellowship Church in the fall of 2010 I met a man named Mark who was sitting at the same table.  He happened to be an artist and spoke about a Texas based orphanage that he was currently volunteering at named Arrow.  He went on to explain that they were looking for a muralist to decorate a courtyard at the facility.  We exchanged numbers and I didn't hear from him until that following year.  Before I knew it I was smack dab in the middle of a time-sensitive Eagle Scout project for a 17 year-old named Christian Posko who has been working with Arrow for the past two years on a courtyard renovation project for his Eagle Badge.  The re-haul consisted of a paver stone patio, benches for sitting, four corner gardens enclosed in stone retaining walls and a mural on the wall.  This all had to be complete before his 18th birthday or else he would not receive the credit and honor of his Eagle Badge.

This courtyard is meant to be a place of peace and comfort for the young men and women who live there.

A place to cool off and reflect or just be.