WHUR Adscape Mural Advertisement

Washington DC


The WHUR was the first major advertisement mural for BB Murals.  A collaboration with Provision Outdoor and Adworks of DC, we pulled off something rarely seen.  I wish I could say without a hitch but this job was wrought with danger and problems.  The first of which was the growing ecosystem on the rooftop in the form of a 16 ft. pond which was in the pathway of my scaffolding.  After a 5 day painting marathon, the ad was complete.  Later we discovered that changes had to be made to the design and I was back up there again to fix it.  The final design had black lettering which we thought would be more visible from afar.  In between painting the designs, the roof collapsed and was rebuilt just in time for me to paint the second time.  This was an excellent lesson for me in perseverance and determination as I satisfy my own standards as well as the clients.  It was a true test.

After the WHUR mural, I was hired on the spot to paint two more in the area seen below. tHe Granny’s Kitchen sign and Off Da Hook Tattoo’s. As partial payment I received a free tattoo on my back of my Astrological sign Sagitarious.