Black Kettle Restaurant

Catonsville, MD


The Black Kettle, located on Main street in Catonsville, was a brand new establishment in need of a decorated façade that mirrored its hearty, European inspired menu of broths and stews.  This mural has it all, faux stone & stucco, a trompe l'oeil awning, windows, wrought iron railing, vines and bicycle, signage, the works!  I met a lot of curious people passing by on this one.

Because of the deeply textured surface, we decided to forgo hand painting the Bistro sign, with all its intricate details, and instead design it in Photoshop and print on aluminum sheet metal to be installed later as you see in the photos.

You'll notice two different window awning styles represented in the photos.  This discrepancy is because the owner, Noelle, changed her mind midway through the painting process.  We ultimately went for the black and white stripes that matched the side awning and the interior drapes which I think was a good choice in the end.  Flexibility is key when designing for a client.  Patience and humility as well.

That black rectangle you see below the window was purposely left to add a real flower box and kitchen herb box in the springtime.  I'm not sure if they have made it a reality but that was the plan.