BB Murals is

a full production visual arts company

specializing in murals and public sculpture




Murals add value, significance and a sense of personal expression to your home like no other art form, and have since the earliest humans decorated their cave dwelling with nothing but their hands and a bit of powdered pigment. BB Murals will work closely with you, the client, to create an unforgettable concept tailored to the decor and style of your home.



Make a statement that people will remember by turning your establishment into a landmark that will draw business in for years to come! Custom artwork is proven to add to the customer experience. Let BB Murals help you create the ambiance you desire for your customers.



Whether it’s a nature center, library, sidewalk or public park, place-making is an essential part of creating a thriving community, and public art is the best way to start that process. Use the resources and extensive experience BB Murals has to offer to design, fabricate and install a winning masterpiece that your community will enjoy for decades.

Selected Recent Works